Wall Decal How To

Dizzy Duck - Wall Decals
What you’ll need… Your Dizzy Duck Decal and one or two pairs of hands, and that’s pretty much it really! Simples!
FIRST THINGS FIRST… Your wall needs to be smooth - our wall decals are not suitable for rough textured walls.
Dust will affect the stickiness of your decal on the wall so do make sure it is dust-free and clean. Wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.
If freshly painted, allow 4 weeks to let the paint cure. You don’t want any paint lifting off your walls!
So, let’s PEEL…
Now for the fun part! Peel your decal from the backing paper.
You may need two pairs of hands if your decal is large or has any fiddly cuts that might more easily rip if handled roughly.
So carefully does it!
AND STICK… Place your decal onto the wall in the desired postion.
The adhesive is not super sticky so you’ll be able to peel on and off until you are happy with the placement.
Your decal may come in two or more pieces that need joining.
Simply match up the pattern or textured print and butt the pieces up to each other.
BE MINDFUL… The adhesive backing can lift the ink print off the decal. So if you have a decal set you may want to cut your decals out with the backing paper intact. Position with some masking tape on the wall before peeling and sticking in place.
Nearly there…
All there is left to do now is smooth the decal onto the wall simply using your hands.
Now you’re all done you can stand back and admire all your handiwork! SHARING IS CARING… We would love to see our decals up in your lovely home, and so would our customers too! If you are on Instagram or Facebook please share your pics and tag us in!