Floor Stencils

Our Floor Stencils are a perfect DIY budget floor makeover idea, suitable for non-tiled, concrete, lino, vinyl, wood or laminate floors.

The collection includes our newly improved Faux-Tile Stencils.  They now have a 10mm grout gap and a standard sized 6mm grout line stencil.  Go to our DIY Stencilled Faux-Tile Fireplace blog to see how effective it is!

If your floor is tiled, you're best to use one of our Tile Stencils.  Custom sizing available at no extra cost!
For patio slabs, have a look at our Square Patio Slab or Rectangle Patio Slab stencils.

We have a variety of styles to choose from so I am sure you will find something to suit your design style.  
If you need any advice at all, just Get In Touch.  We are always happy to help out :)