Our Faux-Tile Stencils are used with paint to create a tile effect on walls, furniture, floors...whatever surface you want!
Much cheaper than laying actual tiles, they are perfect for DIY budget home decorating budget makeover projects. 

Some of our Faux-Tile Stencils now include a standard sized 6 mm grout line stencil.
To allow for the grout stencilling, each faux-tile stencil has a 10 mm grout gap in between the tile and repeat parts of the pattern.

All you need to do is stencil the tile pattern first then fill in the grout spaces with the grout line stencil.  You'll be amazed at how effective it looks!

If you want to include a border around the edge of your faux-tile stencilling, check out our Border Stencils for a co-ordinated look.

If you are stencilling existing tiles check out our Tile Stencil Collection.
For patio stencilling we have our Patio Slab Stencils.

If you need any advice at all, just Get In Touch.  We are always happy to help out :)