12 Amazing Stenciled Patio Makeovers in 2019

If you're looking for some inspiration to start your own outdoor stenciling project, feast your eyes on this collection of gorgeous patio transformations. We have examples of concrete, flags and decking, and have also included all the paints and stencils used with links to the all products. 

If you're looking for step by step instructions on how to stencil your slabs, then have a read of Kerry's blog post, she stenciled her patio using our Verona design (for the 2nd time) and goes through the full process from start to finish. 

If you are stenciling onto concrete then we have a blog by Marie, she completely transformed her tired old concrete courtyard and created a Moroccan haven! You won't believe that it's the garden of a four story Victorian terraced house in Northern England. She used our Safi and Moroccan Wall Panel stencils. 

We also have a host of advice pages on our website, follow our sizing guide to get the perfect stencil for your project. Get clued up on paint advice and compare examples of the most durable masonry paint that has been tried and tested! 


Instagram: @melaniejadedesign
Website: www.melaniejadedesign.com
Flooring: Wooden decking
Stencil Design: Valencia Tile Stencil
Paints Used: Cuprinol Weatherproof for Garden Wood (White Daisy and Silver Birch)

Mel came across our stencils on Etsy and got in touch through Instagram to collaborate. She was great to work with and we are blown away by her garden transformation! She has done a detailed blog on her website, so check it out if you want to know how to update your own old wooden decking.


Instagram: @iamhayleystuart
Website: www.iamhayleystuart.com             
Flooring: Concrete flags
Stencil Design: Tsunagi Spot Tile
Paints Used: Leyland Granocryl Smooth Masonry Paint (Black and Brilliant White) and Wickes Paving & Patio Seal

Hayley first came across our stencils about a year ago when she stencilled her bathroom floor (see her IG story highlights). When she was researching stencil designs for her patio flags she came across our company again and got in touch via Instagram. We asked Hayley if she would like to collaborate with us on her project and we are so glad she said yes! Her blog is full of budget friendly DIY’s and styling inspiration!   


Instagram: @carianstevens
Flooring: Concrete flags
Stencil Design: Almeria Tile
Paints Used: B&Q Good Home Smooth Masonry Paint

Carian got her inspiration from Hayley’s patio makeover, which a friend shared with her in Instagram. She was so happy with the transformation that she shared this picture on her housing estates Facebook page and now all of her neighbours are planning their own patio makeovers!



Instagram: @fashion_just_got_serious
Flooring: Concrete flags
Stencil Design: Tsunagi Spot
Paints Used: Homebase Weathercoat Smooth Masonry Paint (Black and Pure Brilliant White)

Elizabeth saw Hayley’s blog too and got in touch to make sure she'd bought the right sized stencil to fit her flags perfectly. We were more than happy to amend the design at no extra cost. How beautiful is this styling! We absolutely love this hanging chair. 



Flooring: Concrete Paving
Stencil Design: Valencia Tile Stencil
Paints Used: unknown
Judy shared this photo on our Facebook group and we were blown away by the two tone effect in grey and blue. It's not an easy task stenciling with more than one colour, but it's definitely worth it. And that view is goals! 



Instagram: @thewhiteplum
Website: www.thewhiteplum.com
Flooring: Concrete
Stencil Design: Florence Tile
Paints Used: Wise Owl Primer and Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Paint (Carbon and Bone)

Susie is a stay at home mum who also runs her own business. She lovingly hand paints and restores pieces of furniture, which are available on her Etsy shop TheWhitePlumTx. She came across our stencils on Etsy and decided to stencil her concrete patio and share her results on our Facebook group!    



Instagram: @my_london_home
Flooring: Concrete Paving 
Stencil Design: Zarzis Tile
Paints Used: Rustins Masonry Paint (Matt Black), Leyland Trade Truguard Smooth Masonry (Brilliant White), Valspar Masonry Paint (Dog Rose) and Bostik Clear Concrete Sealer

This mammoth patio transformation will go down in stenciling history as an absolute triumph! If you want to laugh and cry head to Steph’s IG story highlights for a full documentary on her patio makeover. This girl worked damn hard! 



Instagram: @jayne.s.davies
Flooring: Wooden decking  
Stencil Design: Tsunagi Spot
Paints Used: Ronseal Ultimate Protection White Wash and Rustoleum Black Satin Universal Spray Paint 
Jayne has taken a break from cake making to be a full time mum (her boys are adorable!). She has a passion for interiors and it shows on her IG - her style is ON POINT. I don’t think we could love this decking transformation any more if we tried! Also she used spray paint which we have never done before, she said it was so easy and made her job much faster. 



Flooring: Concrete
Stencil Design: Tsunagi Tile
Paints Used: unknown

This shady little nook comes all the way from the USA! Holli shared this photo on our Facebook group in June 2019 - the colour and styling immediately caught our eye. Just look at that gorgeous orange door against the grey and white stenciling.



Instagram: @kirstycush
Flooring: Concrete flags
Stencil Design: Midar Tile
Paints Used: Dulux Weathershield Masonry Paint (Brilliant White) and Wickes Black Masonry Paint
This patio makeover just goes to show what a big difference a small change can make! Kirsty has only stenciled her red patio slabs, and we think it is so effective! Great option if you’re not up for tackling a full floor.



Instagram: @juliasinclair78
Flooring: Concrete flags
Stencil Design: Tangier Tile
Paints Used: Dulux Weathershield Masonry Paint (Brilliant White) and B&Q Black Masonry Paint

Replacing her patio just wasn’t in Julia’s budget for 2019, so she decided to stencil her existing flags over the bank holiday weekend as a quick fix, with plans to replace her flags next year. But now she likes it so much she’s keeping them! (She has also power washed her flags and none of the paint came off.) 



Instagram: @lifeandrenovation_at_no.15
Flooring: Concrete flags
Stencil Design: Midar Tile
Paints Used: Johnstone’s Masonry Paint (Grey), Leyland Granocryl Masonry Paint (White) and Bostik Clear Concrete Sealer

Last but certainly not least. Grace has absolutely nailed this stenciled patio. Bold and beautiful - just how we like it! (But if you read her IG caption to this pic, you’ll know that the hidden hero of this project is her husband who is the one that actually completed the stenciling!)


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Sorry, we’re not, we are in the UK. Wish we could help Corrinne :(
Maybe have a look around locally to see if there are any handymen (or women) in your area?

Marie Reddaway

Looks like you might be on the East Coast. Was wondering if you knew anyone who does this for a living. I’m older and pretty sure this would be too big of a project. If you know of someone in Southern California I would appreciate it! Thanks and have a good weekend

Corrine sellberg

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