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Durable Patios Paints

The biggest question we get asked is what paint do we recommend for patios. And the truth is, durability is all down to prep and application. Read about our top tips here

Below you will find project examples of patio paints that have held up during UK winters. Here's what our customers have used with great results:

Sandtex Microseal Smooth Masonry 

Dulux Weathershield 

Farrow & Ball Primer and Exterior Masonry 

Carlow The Paint Hub Patio Painting Kit

Rustoleum All Surface Paint 

Frenchic Al Fresco 


This will be the 3rd summer Sarah will enjoy her stenciled patio! She used our Jannah stencil and Sandex masonry paint. You can watch the full process here on Sarah's Instagram page. 

MAY 2020


JUNE 2021


An epic project from 2021, Alex used our Midar stencil to spruce up her flags, you can see what the before looked like here. She used Sandex masonry paint too and it's held up great. 

MAY 2021


MARCH 2022


We're big fans of Hayley, you can read her full blog post here, and watch a video of all her top stenciling tips here. She used Dulux primer and undercoat, Dulux  Weathershield masonry paint and our Assa stencil. 

MAY 2021

MARCH 2022







This project is approaching it's third summer, Cherry used our Edessa stencil, Farrow & Ball Masonry and Plaster primer and Farrow & Ball Exterior Masonry paint. 

AUG 2020

JULY 2021

MARCH 2022






You can watch this colourful patio being powerwashed here, Lorraine used our Jannah stencil with Carlow's The Paint Hub patio painting kit

JULY 2021

MARCH 2022




Nasim stenciled her front garden path and back garden patio during the first lockdown in 2020, and both projects are still going strong! 

She used Rustoleum's all surface paint for her front path using our Valencia stencil. For her back patio she used Frenchic Alfresco as her base and left over Rustoleum paint with our Florence stencil. 

JULY 2020

MARCH 2021

MARCH 2022

AUG 2020

DEC 2021

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