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Set of 3 Christmas Tree Wall and Furniture Stencils

Set of 3 Christmas Tree Wall and Furniture Stencils

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Christmas doesn’t have to be in your face tinsel and gaudy colours. Add subtle scandi vibes with our Christmas stencils. Our mission is to bring modern fresh seasonal decor into every home, with designs that complement any room.

The 3 Trees Stencil set can be used on wood panels or canvas and can be hung or propped against walls. You can even stencil directly onto your wall and just paint over once Christmas is over!


Please see 3rd image.

Basic stencil instructions are included with each purchase.  Please visit our How To Stencil page for more detailed instructions and video tutorials:

The biggest mistake most people make when stenciling is overloading the brush or roller with paint.  This will inevitably lead to paint bleeding underneath the stencil and causing blurry edges.  You will be surprised how little paint is actually needed!  Don’t overload paint onto the brush/roller and rub most of the paint off onto a piece of card before applying to the stencil.  Practice first on some spare paper or card before attempting your project. 

Designed and laser cut in the UK
190 micron Mylar film (flexible semi-opaque plastic)
Washable, reusable and can be used with any paint.

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