Sturdy stuff

Our stencils are made from 190-micron Mylar.  This thickness is widely used across the industry, for good reason. It’s flexible, semi-transparent and washable. Reuse your stencil as many times as you like!

Proud to be British

All our raw materials, from Mylar to packaging are sourced from other UK businesses. This isn’t the cheapest option, but we’re contributing to the growth of our economy, which feels pretty damn good.

Working smarter not harder

Our stencils are designed to work for you. You’ll see the same pattern as a ’tile’ ‘patio’ and ‘faux tile’ stencil. We’ve tweaked the design to suit each project perfectly, making your life much easier. We also offer 2x packs and multi-tile stencils, both are time savers perfect for busy bees.

Looking after our planet

We’re not perfect, but we’re on a journey to do better. All our packaging is recyclable – even the plastic wrap that protects our postal tubes from bad weather. We’ve installed solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint (and our eleccy bill too!). 

Happy to help

We’re a friendly bunch and want to make sure you feel 100% ready to tackle any stencil project. No question is too silly, even if you’ve never stencilled before, we would love to help you get started. We offer free custom sizing and genuine hands-on advice. Our lovely customers are at the heart of everything we do.