Bulk/ Trade offers & any discount codes do not apply to Gift Cards or any outsourcing arrangements and offers will not combine together unless otherwise stated.

Do we offer discounts on our website?

Yes. We have a 10% discount offer that is automatically applied when two stencil or decal products are added to your cart, 15% for three and 20% for four or more. This offer does not apply to Gift Cards.

Are we doing this just to encourage you to spend more money?

We definitely like it when our customers buy more than one item as we want to spread the Dizzy Duck Designs products far and wide. However, this offer is simply giving back some of the savings made from less packaging being used per product sold. Here are some of the benefits of buying several items at once:

  • You get 10%, 15% or 20% off all qualifying products
  • We make a little extra profit due to less packaging per item
  • Less packaging per item is better for the environment (even though much of our packaging can be recycled there is still an environmental cost to the recycling process)
  • Buying two or more items in one package is one delivery as opposed to two or more which again does a little to help the environment.

How long is this offer on for?

We cannot promise anything forever, but, it is our intention to keep this running indefinitely. Wherever we can save a little we will do the best we can to share those savings with our customers. 

Do we do short term, 'flash' sales or event discounts?

We do sometimes run different sales or free product offers, however, the multi-buy discounts above run pretty much most of the time. We know how frustrating it can be to buy something today only to discover tomorrow that there is a discount. The system will automatically apply the active discount that has the highest value and multiple discounts or offers will not combine together unless otherwise stated.

How do we deal with slow moving products or overstock?

We know that many companies will apply discounts to products in order to reduce stock. We do not hold any stock. Instead, we produce our stencil and decal products to order so we never have shelves full of slow moving products that require huge offers to sell them.