Marie's Moroccan Concrete Garden Makeover

Anyone who knows me well knows I love all things Moroccan. 

You'll see influences all over my home so the outside space certainly wasn't going to get left out!

I wanted a really bold pattern on the floor.  Goodbye boring dull flat grey concrete!  👋

We then transformed it to this!  What's not to love ❤️ 

A bold monochrome geo pattern is the perfect base for a Moroccan courtyard. 

If you want to know more check out our How To Stencil Your Patio blog.


I painted the rendered walls with Blackbird Ronseal Garden Paint as a base for my stencilled Moroccan wall panels.   

For the stencilling I used Jasmine White Dulux Weathershield masonry paint and a large Dizzy Duck Stencil Brush

A stencil brush is better for stencilling rough surfaces like concrete as you can push and stab the paint into the textured surface.  

Before you start measure your space and plot where and what sizes you want your panels to be. 

It is useful to sketch it out on some paper so you have something to follow. 

I decided to start from the centre of my design, creating the top of the archway frame first.

Decorator's masking tape can be used to hold your stencil in place.  You might need quite a bit as concrete is harder to stick to than inside walls.

Use a stabbing motion with your stencil brush to apply the paint.

But be careful not to overload with too much paint as it will bleed and cause blotchy lines.  Ain't nobody wanting that! 

To complete the arch you simply clean the stencil, flip it horizontally, then align the top point of the arch over previously painted area and repeat. 

Masonry paint is quite tough stuff.  Once layers dry and build up on the stencil its damn hard to get it off.  

So have some wet wipes to hand and wipe as you work!  

I didn't want wonky panels so a spirit level came in really useful to make sure those frame sides were straight. 

Walls are never straight so don't rely on your eyes! 👀

To finish the frame edges you simply overlap the stencil over previously painted areas and keep on stencilling.

A corner piece is included in the Moroccan Wall Panel Stencil Kit to make stencilling the corners of the frame super easy peasy 👍

Again, just overlapping the stencil over previously painted frame and dab away.

To make sure my panels were the same height I overlapped my frame stencil onto the adjacent panel.

The frame stencils can be bought just on their own if all you want to do is create some Moroccan colour blocking on your walls.

But I opted for the Zamora pattern fill option. Once the frames were done I just filled in all the panel space with pattern.

I like to get a symmetrical look if I started centrally and worked my way outwards to the edges.  

Then just keep working down the wall. 

The pattern fill stencils all have repeat markers on them so you can easily align the stencil with previously painted pattern to create a seamless look.

Jasmin helped me with this project, thanks Jazz! 😘

We pretty much had the stencilling done and dusted in a few hours.

Not bad for an afternoon's work. 

All that was left to do was add some nice little bits and pieces to dress it up.

Plenty faux plants inside and out at our house.  I would kill anything real 😬

All that was left to do was have a nice English cuppa tea! ☕

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