Halloween Craft | Stenciled Ghost Cushion

I dug out my Halloween Stencil Kit from last year, and wanted to try some new DIY seasonal crafts. I picked up some fabric paint and fabric markers from Amazon, so no surface is safe! 

I had a mooch through all of my decor bits and bobs to single out the items that never see the light of day! I bought this Ikea cushion cover years ago and struggled to style it back then, so it got packed away and hasn't resurfaced until today. 

Now to decide which stencil to use 🤔 I could have gone with any of them really, but I was drawn to the ghosts. I think white will pop nicely against the rust colour of the cushion. 

I used our smallest stencil brush, which comes in our Small Stencil Brush Set, but it didn't give as much coverage as I wanted. I think it's because of the texture of the cushion. I had to stab the paint into the little squares.   

So I used one of the artist brushes that came with the fabric paints and went over each ghost with a second layer of paint. 

This definitely improved the density of the white colour.

I could have used this brush with the stencil, and it might have saved me some time, but it would have definitely created very mess lines.

If I could change anything about this project, I would have done a third coat of white paint. The coverage is okay, but when it completely dried, there were a few patchy bits. 

I knew I wanted cute ghosts, so googled cute ghost faces and copied a few different examples. 

This one has to be my favourite face 🥹 so cute! The fabric pens were great to work with. They claim to be washing machine proof but time will tell.  🤞

This project only took me a couple of hours to complete. Evie is already eyeing it up for her Halloween bedroom faffery! But for now it can live on our snuggle seat downstairs. 

This was my first time using a stencil on fabric, some of the lines are a little messy, but practice makes perfect! I'm excited to try it out again. My biggest mistake was rushing the outlines, for my next project I'm going to go slow and steady. 

I'd love to know what you think! Watch our Instagram reel here for a step by step run through this project. 

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