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Use our Moroccan Wall Panel Stencil Kit on either an outdoor or indoor wall to create your very own exotic Moroccan haven.  The kit is available as just a frame kit or there are 4 different stencil insert patterns to choose from.  But if you see another design in our shop that you would prefer instead, just get in touch and we can arrange that for you.  

Dizzy Duck Designs Stencils are an effective and inexpensive way to spruce up tired or plain walls, floors or furniture.  We provide a wide range of reusable home decor stencils for painting.  Whatever your stencil project, large or small and whatever style you prefer, we’ve got the perfect stencil for the job!

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The stencil kit comes in a separate pieces so you can make your own size of panels.

The kit comes with 2 different size window arches:
27.5 cm wide (10.8")
47 cm wide (18.5")

There are 4 pattern options available or you can just buy the frame:
Frame only
Frame + Zamora
Frame + Casablanca
Frame + Nadia
Frame + Macrame


Check out our blog showing how Marie transformed her small outdoor space into a Moroccan haven!

Marie's Concrete Garden Moroccan Makeover



1. Decide on a design:
It is useful to first of all sketch out how you want the design to look on your wall. You can use any combination or doorways and windows.

2. Mark out your design:
Maybe use some pieces of decorator's tape to identify edges and heights etc to give you a guide on where to place your stencil. Or alternatively lightly pencil/chalk it on the wall.

3. Create your frame:
Use your frame stencils to create the frame of your design. Use either a stencil brush or a small dense foam roller to apply the paint. But remember the golden rule! Less is more! Don't overload the roller/brush with too much paint or it will bleed under the stencil - see notes below.

4. Fill in the pattern:
Use your pattern stencil to fill in the frame, following the same 'less is more' rule with your stencilling.
Et voila! You now have an exotic Moroccan feature wall. Why not add some greenery to create even more of a holiday feel.

Basic stencil instructions are included with each purchase but if you need any more advice just get in touch.

The biggest mistake most people make when stencilling is overloading the brush or roller with paint.  This will inevitably lead to paint bleeding underneath the stencil and causing blurry edges.  You will be surprised how little paint is actually needed!  Don’t overload paint onto the brush/roller and rub most of the paint off onto a piece of card before applying to the stencil.  Practice first on some spare paper or card before attempting your project. 

Designed and laser cut in the UK
190 micron Mylar film (flexible semi-opaque plastic)
Washable, reusable and can be used with any paint.

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We’re big on giving back, and place the highest value on our customers. Providing great customer service is the backbone of our business. If there is anything you need, anything at all, please do get in touch.

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