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Edessa Tile Stencil

Edessa Tile Stencil

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More affordable than replacing your tiles and a lot less messy too! 
Our Tile Stencils are designed to fit existing square tiles.
If your tiles are rectangular then Get In Touch with us and we can help. 

Go to our Faux Tile Stencils if you have a non-tiled flat surface, or Patio Stencils if you are stencilling your Patio.

All orders placed before 3pm are usually shipped the next day.  

Royal Mail First Class £3.  We ship tracked internationally too!  Click here for more info on order dispatch and delivery.

We have always sold our tile stencils as a 2-pack.  Not only does this save time, but you can also cut your extra stencil down to fit into any awkward spaces.  
However, we have recently introduced a 1-pack option to help cater for tighter budgets and projects that really only need one stencil.  

It is important to measure your tile to the nearest mm or 1/8 inch so your stencil is a perfect fit.
Make sure the tape measure starts on the very edge of your tile, not in the grout.
Don't include any curve around the edge of the tile, only measure the flat part.

Our tile stencil sizes are based on standard tile sizes.  
But if your tile size is not available you can Order A Custom Size at no extra cost!

You don’t just buy a stencil when you buy from Dizzy Ducks! 
The backbone of our small UK family business has always been providing a high level of customer care.  Without you we wouldn’t exist!  So, if you need help with anything at all just Get In Touch.

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