about the ducks

Marie founded Dizzy Duck Designs in 2016. She was made redundant, has always been passionate about interiors, so decided to go for it and start her own business. She went in search for a Moroccan stencil in the UK, couldn’t find one, and saw a gap in the market.

She started cutting stencils in the basement of her house with a small blade cutter and buckets of resilience and patience! Fast forward a few years and Dizzy Duck Designs is a widely recognised brand and Marie has collected a few more ducks along the way!

MARIE is a jack of all trades! She used to run the show solo, so has an overview on everything and dips in and out of different roles. From management to product development to customer queries - you name it - she’s on it!

SEAN is our official problem solver. He can fix almost anything with some duct tape and a few postal tubes! He looks after all our machines and building maintenance, and when there’s nothing to tinker with he’s busy doing boring important stuff.

JASMIN is the glue of the business (as she puts it) everything would fall apart if it wasn’t for her! She covers marketing and helps Marie juggle some of her balls too, when she’s not got her nose in her phone updating our social media.

KERRY is usually found with an array of snacks around her desk! She loves a good chat and is the warmest most down to earth girl you’ll meet. A proper gem. So of course she manages all of our customer queries! If you need anything at all, Kerry’s there to help.

RICK is fondly referred to as ‘Golden Balls’ - he can do no wrong! A true grafter, Rick is busy in the workshop making stencils and packing orders. A huge asset to the Dizzy Duck team, he’s always working smarter and bringing new ideas to the table.

MATT is our newest duck, he’s managed to dodge having a nickname so far, but Marie’s pushing for ‘Ginger Duck’. He’s a proper techie and has a good eye for design, Matt looks after all our software/website/geeky stuff in the background as well as new product designs.