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It's amazing to see people using our stencils in their homes, it really does make our day, and it's ultimately why we do what we do.

It's even better when we find customers using multiple Dizzy Duck stencils! We will be showcasing our most loyal customers and their incredible stencil projects over the next few months, and we are kicking things off with the lovely Bec. 

She has used 6 Dizzy Duck stencils in her home so far, and has even re-used some stencils more than once! A fully fledged stenciling pro 💪 


Bec used our Zarzis Tile Stencil for 3 projects in her home! First she spruced up the tiles in her bathroom makeover. 

Then she used the same stencil on her concrete step: 

And then finally upcycled a board of wood to create a DIY bath caddy. Perfect for a long hot soak 😌 If you wash your stencils well and are gentle with them you can use them again and again! 


Bec used our Terrazzo stencil for her loft bedroom wall. We adore the colours, it doesn't overpower the room, but adds interest and texture to the walls. Lofts aren't always easy spaces to style (speaking from experience!) but Bec has absolutely nailed it. 


You might notice that Bec's Midar faux tile stencil looks a little bit different to the pattern that is currently in our shop. We realised that the original Midar was actually another artists design so we had to tweak ours a little for copyright reasons. 

There are two things about this project that really impress us Dizzy Ducks. 

Look at how the stencil design is taken right up to the very edge the skirting boards and edges of the walls. This isn't an easy feat, but it's a small detail that will help make your stenciling look like authentic tiles.

And just look at those crisp lines! Very impressive. 

Bec used just a part of the Midar stencil design to add pattern to these wooden coat hooks. And even though this is the most simple and probably the easiest project out of them all - it's my favourite! 

I just love how something so simple and low cost can make such a big difference. 



Of course there's a stenciled patio! This was one of the many patio projects completed in the first lock down in summer 2020, and the Jannah was one of our most popular designs. 

This actually is Bec's mother in law's patio and they tackled the project together in true Dizzy Duck style! Two ducks are better than one! 

You can see all the products they used here in Bec's story highlights.  


I actually remember seeing the below photo for the first time in our tagged photos. I'm a sucker for all things botanical, boho and stenciled and this just ticked all of the boxes! 

The Kasai stencil can be tricky to use due to it's fine lines, but Bec has achieved super crisp lines again. At this point she's just showing off 😂💕



Last but certainly not least is Rosie's bedroom feature wall. 

This project shows Bec knows what she is doing when it comes to styling interiors. This is a big bold pattern that could easily overwhelm a space. 

But when you see the small ditsy bedding and the soft pink desk and natural tones and texture running through out the room, it just works perfectly.  


Bec is a fellow small business owner. She makes beautiful handmade curtains, blinds and cushions in lush fabrics. Her workshop is based in a little town in Wales called St Brides. She hasn't even been there a year, but is already making herself know, which is amazing to see. 


All of her products are hand made and bespoke, so if you're interested pop your query through via her social channels: 




And even if you're not looking for any textiles right now, go and give her socials a boost to support her business. It really does make all the difference.

Jasmin 💕

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