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Stencil Brushes

Stencil Brushes

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Dizzy Duck Designs Stencil brushes are made in Britain using natural white hog bristle.

Stencil brushes have bristles that are cut flat to enable a stabbing/stippling action which is common to applying paints with stencils. The short stubby handles give good control and are less likely to cause tension or cramp in the hand from prolonged use.

X Large 40 mm
Large: 30 mm
Medium: 20 mm

Small 3pk:  Small (10 mm) + Medium (20 mm) + Large (30 mm)
Large 3pk:  Medium (20 mm) + Large (30 mm) + X Large (40 mm)

Note: Please check before ordering. This product has natural bristle made from hog hair and could be a prohibited import product to your country.

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