Trade - Wholesale - Outsourcing

1 - Trade/ bulk

For trade prices, just add 10 or more items to your cart for a 40%, or 20 or more items for 50% discount on your whole order.

These items will not be sent in retail ready packaging.

These trade discounts are made possible due to our time saving production facility with large format laser cutting machines. The more items we produce for a single order the lower the cost of production, packaging and shipping per item. We can pass these savings on to our customers and enable businesses to resell our products at a profit and still remain price competitive.

2 - Wholesale

We are currently working on creating a range of retail ready products.

Please keep checking back.

3 - Outsourcing 

By outsourcing your stencil production you can:

  • Increase your revenue by offering larger stencils to your customers without increasing your overheads.
  • Decrease your overheads if you are already producing larger stencils from a production facility.


  • Immediate profit – No waiting to reach a break-even point
  • Same designs as existing, you could be selling larger sizes in minutes
  • Increased revenue without capital expenditure
  • No machine costs – a minimum of 2 machines (for effective management of maintenance and breakdowns) - ventilation – maintenance (time and parts) – commercial refuse collection
  • No industrial unit costs (rent/ rates/ utilities/ security)
  • No postal tube & large sheets of material stock (which takes up a lot of room)
  • No need for extra production staff - pensions contributions - absence cover

All of this can be done from a home/ small office


What you do

What we do


Promote larger sizes

Produce your A2 or A1 and larger stencils


Manage all customer communications

Package products with your branding


Manage returns

Send products directly to your customers


Watch your turnover increase

Report to you on order status


In a Nutshell...

Questions and Concerns:

What happens if:

A customer does not receive their order?


You get confirmation of your customer's address from your customer. It is not unusual for it to be the customer's mistake.

We check the delivery status wherever possible to locate the missing item.

In the interest of excellent customer service we will most likely resend the item(s). In certain circumstances we may both refund on the order if we agree that this is the best decision.

If the number of resends remains below 2% of total orders we will not charge you. 2% and over we will charge you £10 for each resend. However, it is unusual to exceed 2%, so, we will work together to manage this.

A customer has a complaint?


If there are any questions over the quality of the product or its delivery, which is our responsibility, we will resend or refund at our cost.

If the number of resends exceeds 2% we will begin to internally investigate the cause of complaints and manage the situations accordingly. This will be reported back to you so that you can have confidence in our service to you and your customer.

We (the retailer) have a complaint?


We will agree on expectations at the beginning of our collaboration and this will continue throughout.

Any complaints or questions will be resolved mutually for the collaboration to continue. It is both parties' interests to mutual resolve issues.

We (the retailer) think one of your retail designs is too similar to one of ours?


We will endeavour to remain agreeable in all aspects of our relationship.

If there is any potential infringement of intellectual property rights we will work together to find mutual agreement.
Where infringement is not identified but a concern still exists it is fair to note that our respective retail fronts will have no identifiable connection.

Any concerns regarding designs should be identified at the beginning of collaboration as we agree on the designs we produce for you.

Is this not just a way for you to market your own designs to our customers?

We will only ever directly market customers and contacts gained through our own retail activities. We do not buy, sell or create mailing lists and have a GDPR policy that includes this. There will be a high level of trust needed in this and we encourage you to secret shop us and set up as many of your own customer purchases as you need. See below for suggested procedure*.
Why should I not just do it myself?


Dizzy Duck Designs Ltd started with small blade cutters and built from there to an efficient production facility with large bed industrial laser cutters. We understand the difficulties in the journey of increasing the scope of a brand identity. We considered this difficult and costly journey for other smaller stencil designers and wondered if there was an opportunity for us to work together.

Our calculations have shown that our production services can empower you to provide your customers with larger stencils at very little percentage difference in profit compared to setting up your own production facility and the profit is immediate. See the finances examples below**.

We want to maximise on the unique situation of our industry: we all have our own designs and styles. We will always protect this and we can both increase our sustainability and growth with mutual collaboration where our respective customers have the option to buy the designs and styles they want in the sizes they need.

I already have my own large bed laser machines and production facility.


Just as our financial example shows, it can take a lot of sales to break even and all of these overheads could be stealing your profit. Every situation is different, but we may be able to help you liquidise your production assets and arrange a mutually profitable collaboration where you focus on your customers and we focus on production.

Other information


250 or 190 micron Mylar® polyester film.

Packaging options

We will endeavour to provide packaging solutions to your requirements and specifications.

In addition to our standard packaging we will offer services such as branded labelling and leaflet design/ production,   

*Secret Shop us You are advised to regularly spot check us for your peace of mind and to check quality by making anonymous purchases.


How to do this effectively to check our integrity and the protection of your customer data and security:

You get friends and family from different parts of the country and the world, or even ask your established, repeat customers, to buy items from us (which you reimburse as a business expense) and ask them to inform you of any contact they receive from Dizzy Duck Designs Ltd. If we were dishonourable and attempted to contact your customers, there is no way that we would know which customers were your secret shoppers. You can then have peace of mind that we treat our business to business relationships with integrity.

**Finances based on Etsy


Large bed laser machine estimated cost - £10k each.

It would take over 950 A2 stencil sales at £20 each to recuperate the cost of one machine. Two machines are recommended in order to manage faults and other down-time issues.

At a rate of 3 A2 sales per day that would take almost a whole year.

If you need a dedicated unit at around £800 per month, you need to sell an extra 76 A2 stencils per month to break even. What if you have a quiet month?

At this point, with outsourcing, you would have a profit in one year of almost £11,000!

No extra overheads, no risks, very little extra work, who runs production while you are on holiday? We do!