Trade/ Bulk prices

Applies to stencil products only.


This is for reselling or large projects.


In addition to our standard 15% off 2 & 20 % off 4 or more items we have a 40% trade discount that is also automatically applied for our stencil products when 20 or more items are added to the cart. 

These items will not be sent in retail ready packaging.

These trade/ bulk discounts are made possible due to our time saving production facility with large format laser cutting machines. The more items we produce for a single order the lower the cost of production, packaging and shipping per item. We can pass these savings on to our customers and enable businesses to resell our stencil products at a profit and still remain price competitive. This is not available for stencil brushes or our print ranges.


You send customers to us for % commissions

All of our products are available for affiliates to promote. Affiliate marketing is where you use links and images that we make available to you and place/ promote them in your own social and digital marketing. Your customers/ contacts click these links to view and purchase products from our website. You receive an agreed percentage commission per order.


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You send orders to us and pay a dropshippers' trade price


All of our products are available for affiliates to promote. Dropshipping is where you connect a compatible website to ours and sell our products. Your customer remains on your website and pays the retail price that you set. When the order is complete the details are sent to us and you pay the agreed dropshipper trade price. We ship the product directly to your customer so you do not handle the postage and packing.


Whilst you can set your own retail price we do recommend that you keep your prices in line with our retail price. Dizzy Duck Designs is a very strong and recognised brand. If your customers pay more for Dizzy Duck Designs products on your website they may come direct to us and you would lose the sale.


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