- Make sure the start of your tape measure is flush with the edge of your flags

- Do not include your grout lines

- Make sure your tape measure is flat and straight

- If the edges of your flags are uneven, work with the smallest measurement. 

Use a stencil slightly smaller than your flags (2mm or 16th of an inch) for a neat clean finish.


Use a custom sized single tile stencil, and work WITH your staggered flags.
We offer custom sizing at no extra cost



To create the illusion of straight laid flags, you can work AGAINST your groutlines.
You can see how the grout line cuts across the middle of the design. But once the floor is complete this isn't obvious. 
Alternate between stenciling within your flags (Row 1) and then stenciling across the grout lines (Row 2).  


To create the illusion of smaller flags you can stencil 4 designs within 1 flag. 
You will need to measure your grout lines to the nearest mm (16th of an inch). Do this across your whole space in different areas, and work with the average size. 
We will use the same grout spacing on the stencil so you get an nice overall evenly spaced finished look.
This is a multi tile stencil, it takes longer to make, so the cost is higher than a single tile stencil.


Once you have chosen your tile design, order the size that is closest to your custom measurements. If you are in between sizes, order the next size up.

(For Option 3 you will need to order the multi tile size option closest to your custom measurements.) 


Then add a note to your order with your custom request:

OPTION 1 + 2

"My flags are 443 mm."



"My flags are 443 mm. I want to create the illusion of smaller flags so would like 4 designs within 1 flag. My grout measurement is 5 mm."

 We will automatically make your stencil 2 mm (16th of an inch) smaller unless you say otherwise.