- Measure the width, height and side of your hexagon flag

- Make sure your tape measure is flat and straight

- Make sure the start of your tape measure is flush with the edge of your flags
- Do not include your grout lines
- If the edges of your flags are uneven, work with the smallest measurement. 

Use a hexagon design custom made to fit your flags perfectly. We offer custom sizing at NO EXTRA COST
We have 3 hexagon designs to choose from. Mzoura, Nador and Zaida.



Once you have chosen your design, order the size that is closest to your longest measurement. If you are in between sizes, order the next size up.
Then add a note to your order with your custom request:
"My flags are hexagon. The height from point to is 30.2 cm, the width is 25.7 and the length of the sides is 12 cm."
 We will automatically make your stencil 2 mm (16th of an inch) smaller unless you say otherwise.