To measure your tile/flag, place the start of your tape measure along the very edge of your tile, make sure you are not in the grout. If your tile/flag has a slight curve around the edge, do not include this in your measurements, move your tape measure to where the tile is flat and level.


Even a 1 mm or 0.1 inches can make all the difference when stencil - so be a ACCURATE as you can. 




We always recommend using a stencil that is 2 mm or 0.1 inches smaller than your tiles/flags. This will give you a nice clean finish around the edges. For example if your tiles/flags are 30 cm you would need to order a 29.8 cm stencil. 

We offer a wide range of standard sizes in both metric and imperial measurements. So if you are working in cm or inches you can navigate the size options available.

Order the size closest to your custom measurements and then ADD A NOTE to your order. You can do this just before you check out. We have highlighted the text in bright yellow so you can't miss it! 



If you do not add a note to your order, you will receive the standard size.

Even if we have exchanged emails regarding your customisation.

The notes attached to orders are exported and directed to our production team (they do not check the inbox for any custom details).