Jen @halfpaintedhouse

Zinsser All-Coat Exterior Paint

March 2020
Tebessa Tile Stencil

Jen's perfect pink tiles are still going strong. She used 3 tins of Zinsser All-Coat Exterior Paint in custom made colours. To protect her hard work Jen applied 3x coats of Polyvine heavy duty floor varnish. Safe to say Aslan approves.

Nat @homeatvictoriaroad

Goodhome Multi Surface Paint + Frenchic

Oct 2020
Amira Tile Stencil

Nat's kitchen transformation was a big hit on Instagram. She used B&Q's Goodhome Multi Surface paint in the colour Melville for the base coat and then stenciled using Frenchic Dazzle Me. 106 tiles. 2 weeks of graft. 100% worth it.

Carla @carlaelliman

Leyland + Dulux Matte Emulsion Paint

Aug 2020
Toluca Tile Stencil

When Carla moved house in April 2023 her stenciled floor was still going strong after 3 years of daily traffic. She used Zinsser BIN Primer, then water based matte emulsion paint for her base coat and stenciling, sealing everything with Polyvine Decorators Vanish.

Carla @carlaelliman

LICK Emulsion Paint

Sept 2021
Ksar Tile Stencil

Rather than using specialist paints Carla has layered emulsion between Zinsser BIN primer and Polyvine decorators varnish. This is a great option when using multiple colours to help keep cost down. Colours used Lick white 01 grey 03 and grey 08.

Keelie @keelieslife

Goodhome Multi Surface Paint

Feb 2020
Morello Tile Stencil

Keelie opted for B&Q's Goodhome Multi Surface paint in the colours North Pole and Liberty. Years later her tiles still look just as good as they did on the day she stenciled them.

Jen @crack_the_shutters

Zinsser All-Coat Exterior Paint

Sept 2020
Zarzis Tile Stencil

Jen had her Zinsser All-Coat Exterior paint colour matched to Blackened and Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball. Her stenciled tiles lasted through 2 and a half years of daily use, until her family bathroom was completely renovated in April 2023.

Belle @designermumetc

Goodhome Multi Surface Paint

Nov 2020
Midar Tile Stencil

Belle stenciled directly onto her white tiles, using Goodhome Multi Surface paint in black. They held up perfectly for 2 and a half years, until this bathroom was completely renovated in May 2023.