Window Decal Application - Seasonal Cling

WHAT YOU'LL NEED Water, a spray bottle, bank card and a cloth for wiping any excess water.
FIRST THINGS FIRST… Make sure your window is sparkling clean. You don’t want dirt to be trapped underneath and spoil your decal! Fill your spray bottle with water. The wetter the better… Positioning on the window is so much easier when the window is wet. So, apply a light mist of water on your window. You may need two pairs of hands if your decal is large or has any fiddly cuts that might more easily rip if handled roughly. So carefully does it! SO, LET'S GET CRACKING... Now for the fun part! Peel the decal from the backing paper and place on your window.
Once you’re happy with the placement, use the bank card and squeegee across the decal to smooth the water and air bubbles out to the edges of the film.
A fair bit of pressure can be applied so don’t be shy!
NEARLY THERE... All there is left to do now is to give the whole thing a wipe down to remove any left-over water.
You can squeegee again too if you think you need to.
Now you’re all done you can stand back and admire all your handiwork!
keeps on giving… Don’t forget you can peel your decal off the window and use again time after time.
Just store dry on the backing paper it came with.
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