This is the first step on your tile stenciling journey!

Making sure you have the right sized stencil for your tiles is vital if you want your stenciling to pass off as authentic patterned tiles.

Whatever the shape and size of your tiles - we have a sizing solution for you!


Using a tape measure, measure your tile from one edge to the other.  Make sure you don't include any of your grout space and the tape needs to be straight, not at a slant or diagonal. 

If your tile has a slight curve around the edge, move your tape measure to where the tile is flat and level.  You only want to measure the surface area you will be stenciling.

Measure to the nearest mm or 1/8 inch, don't be tempted to round up, the more accurate the better!


    Ah nice and simple. Just choose the size closest to your measurements, and add a note to your order if we need to make any adjustments.


    This is a great option for smaller tiles. Create the illusion of larger tiles by using a quarter of the pattern repeated across 4 tiles. This can make your whole space feel much bigger.

    Simply order the size closest to your measurements, then add a note to your order asking for a quarter of the design (don't forget to include your exact tile measurements).


    If you have large tiles, you can use one of our multi-tile stencils to create the illusion of smaller tiles.

    We will need your grout line measurement, so we can make sure the spacing between the tile patterns match up with your floor, for a seamless look.

    Before you place your order, get in touch with a photo of your space, tile measurements and grout line measurement.

  • 1 and 1/2 Square Design

    You can use a custom stencil to fit one and a half square designs within each tile to give the illusion of square tiles.

    This option only really works if your tile measurements are a certain ratio (1:1.5) if you're unsure on your ratio, just bob us a message with your measurements and a photo of your space.

  • Stretched Design

    This is a great option if your measurements don't fit the 1:1.5 ratio.

    We do have certain tile designs that look better stretched than others. But it really is all down to personal preference.

    Some of our more simple designs, made up of only one or two shapes, can be adjusted to fit any measurement without compromising the design. If you want to look into this option get in touch with your measurements and a pic of your tiles.

  • Staggered Tiles

    Yes! You can stencil your staggered rectangular tiles!

    You can use a stretched stencil design, working with your staggered tile pattern, as shown above.

    If you wan't to disguise your staggered tiles, we can make you a custom stencil, using one of our simpler tile designs. Just send us a photo of your space with your tile measurements, and we can chat about which designs will work best for you.


This is a great option if your tiles are an awkward size/shape or if you have a mix of different tiles. Just ignore your grout lines and treat your floor like one large space.

When you paint your base coat make sure you stab into your grout lines for a seamless finish.

You can use any stencil but if you want a tile effect, shop our Faux-Tile stencils, these have repeat markers around the tile design so you can repeat the pattern with even spacing.

Once the floor has been stenciled you wont even notice the old grout lines!


We have 3 hexagon designs for you to choose from below. However if none of these take your fancy, you can treat your floor like one big space, and ignore your grout lines using a Faux-Tile stencil.