Measure your flags

The common size for rectangular patio slabs is 600 x 900 mm (2 x 3 ft).

Make sure the start of your tape measure is flush with the edge of your flags (don't include your grout lines)

Make sure your tape measure is flat and straight

If the edges of your flags are uneven, work with the smallest measurement. 

There are three different options for you to choose from.


  • To create the illusion of straight laid flags, you can work against your grout lines. You can see how the grout line cuts across the middle of the design on every other row. Once the floor is complete this isn't obvious. 

  • Alternate between stenciling within your flags (Row 1) and then stenciling across the grout lines (Row 2). This creates the illusion of straight laid flags.


  • We can make you a custom stencil, using one of our more simple designs, to create the illusion of straight laid slabs.

  • This works best with tile designs that are made up of 1 or 2 basic shapes. Here are some examples, but there are others, just have a browse through our tile collection if none of the above take your fancy.

  • For CUSTOM ORDERS, the more information we have the better! So send us an email with your exact slab measurements along with photos of your patio. Then we can craft the perfect stencil for you.

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