Ordering a Custom Size - Patio

Custom Sizing

When you measure your slab please make sure the tape measure starts along the very edge of your slab, not in the grout.If your slab has a slight curve around the edge, don't include this in your measurements, move your tape measure to where the tile is flat and level.

Please make sure you measure to the nearest mm (do not round up). We always recommend using a stencil that is 2mm smaller than your existing slabs. This will give you a nice clean finish. For custom sized stencils we remove the repeat markers which you don’t need if you are stencilling existing slabs. 

Once you have chosen your design and measured your slabs, go to the stencil design on our web page and order the next size up to your measurement (ie. for a 350mmx350mm slab - order the 445mm option) and then add a note to your order asking for adjustments to be made. Please leave exact measurements in the note section either in mm or inches and we'll do the rest.