10 Dizzy Duck Stenciled Patios of 2020

2020 will be a year we all remember and look back on with mixed emotions. The world was floored by a pandemic and everything just stopped. People were isolated and lonely, small businesses had to fight to survive, and too many of us lost loved ones.

But for some of us lock down was a blessing in disguise. We had more quality time with our families, life slowed right down, and we had gloriously hot weather that summer. 

Us Brits were stuck at home while the sun was high and the days were long, so we looked to our neglected outdoor spaces to get our hit of vitamin D.  

Affordable DIY decor was at an all time high, everyone wanted to make the best of their gardens on a small budget, and stenciled patios became the biggest trend! Much to our delight. 


CREDITS: @53houseplantsandme
PAINT: Dulux Weathershield & Sandtex Smooth Masonry 

We love how Catherine used a bigger stencil size to create the illusion of larger tiles, if you look closely you can see how the pattern actually sits across 9 small tiles. 



CREDITS: @anamclarke
STENCIL: Seville
PAINT: Unknown 

This perfectly styled masterpiece belongs to Anam, an interior designer based in Dubai. 


CREDIT: @behindthepinkdoors
PAINT: Sandtex Smooth Masonry & Johnstones 

This savvy budget garden makeover is full of colour, pattern and personality! It really doesn't have to cost the Earth to completely transform your space. Just some imagination, creativity and good old elbow grease! 



CREDIT: @dunmoredecor
STENCIL: Florence & Valencia
PAINT: Rustoleum & Frenchic 

Nasim completed her path project first and then loved it so much she decided to stencil her patio too! Both projects are still going strong 💪


CREDIT: @harrison_nate_and_me
PAINT: Frenchic

We created a custom sized stencil for Amy to use on her square slabs, if you need a custom size for your project just ask away, we're happy to adjust any of our patterns at no extra cost 😊


CREDIT: @homeideology
PAINT: Dulux Weathershild 
BLOG: How to DIY: Concrete Garden Slab Stenciling

Lydia's blog is a great guide on how to tackle your patio project, with links to all the products she used. 


CREDIT: @la_sidhu
PAINT: Sandtex Smooth Masonry 

Natasha has moved house since competing this stencil project, her new home is just as wonderfully unique and rich in colours and textures.


CREDIT: @story_behind_the_stone
PAINT: Sandtex Smooth Masonry 

Kate's rug effect stenciling is a great idea if you're not up to tackling your whole patio. 


CREDIT: @thankfifi
PAINT: Sandtex Smooth Masonry 
BLOG: How to Stencil a Painted Concrete Patio 

We love how Wendy used masking tape to create faux grout lines on her large patio slabs, it really makes her stenciled tiles look more authentic.  


CREDIT: @thatssogemma
STENCIL: Samara Faux Tile
PAINT: Valspar 
BLOG: How to Transform Your Front Path with a Stencil 

Last but certainly not least we have Gemma's gloriously bold front path. She has moved house recently and we can't wait to see her unleash her creativity on her new home. 

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