PACHUCA TILE Stencil - Dizzy Duck Designs
PACHUCA TILE Stencil - Dizzy Duck Designs
PACHUCA TILE Stencil - Dizzy Duck Designs
PACHUCA TILE Stencil - Dizzy Duck Designs
PACHUCA TILE Stencil - Dizzy Duck Designs
PACHUCA TILE Stencil - Dizzy Duck Designs
PACHUCA TILE Stencil - Dizzy Duck Designs


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We love taking inspiration from cultures all over the world, and this Native American design is sure to add boho vibes to any room. Use our PACHUCA Tile Stencil to create a rustic modern kitchen splash back or even paint your laminate floor, no flat surface is safe! 



60 cm

45 cm

33 cm

30 cm

20 cm

15 cm

10 cm

16 “

13 “

12 “

8 “

6 “

4 “



30 cm (12“)  6 tile repeat

20 cm (8“)    6 tile repeat

15 cm (6“)    6 tile repeat

10 cm (4“)    6 tile repeat

With every order we include extra smaller stencils for getting into edges, corners and tricky areas.



When you measure your tiles/flags please make sure the tape measure starts along the very edge of your tile/flag, not in the grout.
If your tile/flag has a slight curve around the edge, don't include this in your measurements, move your tape measure to where the tile is flat and level.
Also, please make sure you measure your flags/tiles to the nearest mm or 1/8” (do not round up).
We always recommend using a stencil that is 2mm or 1/8" smaller than your existing flags/tiles. This will give you a nice clean finish.
Please order the size closest to your tile/flag measurement and then add a note to your order asking for adjustments to be made.
If there is no note on your order, you will just receive the standard size, so if you're not sure a note has been added please email us to check.
NOTE: Custom orders are non refundable.




More affordable than replacing your tiles and a lot less messy too! 

Use our SINGLE TILE stencils to update your wall and floor tiles. Request to have the repeat markers on the stencil removed for easier application, or just cover these with masking tape. For easy How To instructions, head to our website:



Our MULTI TILE REPEAT stencils are perfect for creating a faux tile effect. Stenciling is an easy and affordable home decor solution for your walls, floors and furniture!  You can stencil onto wood, laminate, lino, vinyl, ceramic or concrete. (No flat surface is safe in the Dizzy Duck house!)

Depending on your budget – you can go for the larger tile repeat stencils to speed up your project or just purchase the single tile stencil.  All our stencils have registration marks so you can easily repeat the stencil across your surface. Go check our Marie’s Moroccan Courtyard:


Basic stenciling instructions are included with every order. For more detailed instructions please visit:

The number one mistake most people make when stenciling for the first time is using way TOO MUCH PAINT. This leads to paint bleeding under the stencil, and no one wants fuzzy lines! It’s surprising how little paint you actually need. Apply a small amount of paint to your roller, and then roll off any excess paint on a scrap bit of paper/card. Your roller needs to be touch dry, so paint only comes through when you apply pressure. The same applies when using a stencil brush. Practice first on an old cereal box before attempting your project. 

Share your pics on our Facebook group – a community where customers share their projects or come to get inspiration or advice. Or find us on Instagram and share there too! 
We’re big on giving back, and place the highest value on our customers. Providing great customer service is the backbone of our business. If there is anything you need, anything at all, please do get in touch.


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