How To Paint Wooden Floorboards


Here you will find everything you need to know before painting your wooden floorboards! When I was younger I remember Marie stripping every room in the house back to bare floorboards. We didn't have very much back then, but she had a passion for making spaces beautiful, so she got creative on a tiny budget! It may require A LOT of elbow grease, but restoring your wooden floorboards is cost effective and so rewarding. 



If you are blessed to live in a beautiful old house full of character, your floorboards may be worse for wear! Here are our top tips for restoring your floor: 


  • Replace any broken floorboards. Always check what is underneath first before you start drilling or screwing.

  • Hammer in any loose nails or screws. Using a nail punch tool will allow you to drive the nails in making sure the head of the nail/screw is knocked down below the surface of your floor (protecting your toes!).

  • Fill any obvious knocks with wood filler.

  • Sand back to the bare wood. Using an electric sander will make this job much easier. You may also need to use white spirits if there is any left over carpet glue.

  • Give everywhere a good clean, you might need to repeat this stage a couple of times, to make sure you don't paint dust into the floor. 


And now it's time for the best part - painting! This is all down to personal preference. In Marie's lounge she opted for a warm oak stain to compliment all of the different textures and patterns already in that room. However on her landing and stairs we are planning on doing some bold stenciling (blog coming soon!).  Whatever you decide, invest in quality brushes, apply thin even coats, and use a sealant to protect all of your hard work. Here are a couple of our customer pics for inspiration, click through to see the stencils used. 



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