6 Modern Easter Cross Window Decals

Celebrate your faith this Easter with one of our beautiful cross window decals.  

Made from a static cling vinyl, our window stickers are not sticky at all! 

They are so easy to apply.  All you need is a water spray and a bank card...simples!  Spray the window, place the decal, smooth out the water with a card then wipe excess water away.

They are reusable too.  Just peel off the window (no sticky residue will be left behind!), place on the backing paper the decal came with and store away ready to use again next year.


Easter Eucalyptus Cross Window Decal

We Dizzy Ducks don't do cheap or cheesy, so we've spent a lot of time and effort into sourcing classy stylish artwork to create our Christian window clings. 

Our Seeded Eucalyptus Cross Window Decal features gorgeous green delicate eucalyptus leaves, wrapped around a white cross.  It is the perfect decoration for any modern church, Sunday school or home.  

We use UV ink technology to create a high quality print that is so beautifully detailed, as you can see!  

Meadow Flowers Easter Cross Window Decal

Our Meadow Flowers Easter Cross Window Decal is an ideal way to bring life and vibrancy to your Spring home decor.  Featuring stunning floral watercolour art, this window cling combines both a Christ-centred flavour with a stylish classy home interior design.  

The intensity of the colours are just beautiful, especially when on the window and the sun shines through. 


White Cross Easter Pastel Flower Window Decal


Represent your Christian values in your home whilst also honouring Easter in a unique way with ur Pastel Flower Easter Cross Window Decal, featuring a white cross against a backdrop of delicate pink flowers and subtle green leaves.  


All our window cling vinyl decals are double-sided. 

We have a 3-layer printing process where a layer of white ink is sandwiched in between 2 layers of colour.  This means our designs are not translucent and can be seen equally from both the inside and the outside of the window.  

He Is Risen Easter Cross Window Decal

Sometimes simple designs can be the most effective.  Our He Is Risen Easter Cross Window Decal is a bold statement of faith celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  

Easter Cross Spring Leaf Window Decal

Make your church a modern, vibrant place of worship with our Spring Leaf Cross Window Cling, featuring an abstract, double-layered line cross decorated with subtle green spring leaves.

Line Cross Easter Pastel Flower Window Decal

What is not to love about our Pastel Flower Line Cross Window Sticker?  It offers a classy, modern way to decorate your home or church for Easter and celebrate your faith in your Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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