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5 Easy Ways to Add Scandinavian Vibes to Any Room!

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Scandinavian style is all about clutter free living. Aim to showcase just one or two of your favourite key pieces. As a mum I get that clutter-free surfaces aren’t always achievable! But a great tip someone passed on to me is to invest in a woven floor basket that you can collect all the kids bits and bobs in at the end of the day, just chuck a nice throw on top when you’re done and no one will be any the wiser! We love this basket from IKEA, and it’s a bargain at just £13.

Think Neutral

White walls are the base for most Scandi interiors, which creates a nice clean crisp canvas for adding other subtle dusky hues. However if you don’t want to repaint, there are other ways you can achieve a fresh light space. Why not reassess your window situation, is there anything more you can do to maximise your natural day light? Remove any pops of colour around the room. Stick to a monochrome colour scheme, using grey and beige tones if you want to warm things up.



One really easy way to immediately add Scandi vibes into any room is to chuck a sheepskin rug into the mix! Drape it over a bench, layer it over an existing rug, even use it as a bed throw. Natural materials are a must. Why not consider getting rid of your old carpet and breathing some new life into your original floor boards? Yes it may take a bit of elbow grease, but it’s a great cost effective way to really transform a space! Not up for a big job? Add some decorative bits and bobs in stone, wood, leather and linen.


Be Bold!

Get creative and add some personality to your space with a bold geometric monochrome print. The options are endless. Create a feature wall with one of our stencils, up-cycle an old piece of furniture, or if you like a more paired back look, add patterned cushions and throws.


This word has been trending for years, but what does it actually mean? In a nutshell, it’s a lifestyle that promotes wellbeing and happiness, by enjoying life’s simple pleasures. From an interiors perspective think candles and twinkly fairy lights, cosy throws and ultimate comfort. This looks different for all of us, so take some time to really think about what would make your space the perfect place to wind down at the end of a busy day.


We hope you've found this blog useful, lots of love, the Dizzy Ducks! x x 

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